Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning takes the ministry philosophy and turns it into practice. My engineering background has equipped me with good analytical skills, identifying the key elements and then isolating those that are key to success.

It also identifies key partnerships that need to be cultivated and nurtured. None of us can do the job alone because we don’t have the needed skills, the background knowledge – or even the funding to make projects take off entirely on our own.

Good planning requires informed knowledge. That is obtained by bringing on board a team of people with the appropriate skills who share a similar vision. They also need to be teachable – good learners – who put the project above their own personal needs and aspirations. They are also people who have a deep appreciation for the value of research that brings a high level of objectivity to the task in hand.

The Gray Matrix is one tool that helps the planning process because it helps us to identify our audience. ┬áIn fact we begin to see that we need to move beyond the conventional model of a passive audience. Engaging and empowering those we seek to help serves to involve them as part of the solution. They have been described as “listener-learners” – a phrase coined by Dr Ross James.

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